The Boat

Beoga is the Irish word for lively. Six of us sailed a Beneteau 40.7 called Beoga from Galway all the way to the British Virgin Islands, in late 2009.

Beag is the Irish word for small, or little. So Beoga Beag is a small version of the original. It might also mean “a little bit lively” which will also be quite true. It seems fitting that this robotic sailboat, travelling roughly the same route, would carry her name.

Phonetically, the boat name is pronounced “Bee Yoga! Bee Yugh.”

We’re still at the design stage, and plan to launch the first prototype by late Spring or early Summer of 2017.

The main design will be 2.4 metres LOA, with a waterline (LWL) slightly less than that. Keel length will be on the order of 1.5 to 2m long, and the mast will be a similar length.

The prototype will be a half-scale design, with an LOA of 1.2 metres.

The boat is a hard-chined hull, made from 6mm marine ply, with internal bulkheads every 240 to 500mm. The chines and the bulkheads will be reinforced with glass fibre tape and epoxy. The external hull will be painted with a thin layer of epoxy and painted with antifoul.

As we work out some of the design issues, you can follow along and take part in the discussion.